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Welcome to Year 1

We had a fantastic start to the year settling into new routines and learning how to be more independent. The children have been amazing; showing their key learning skills from Reception and building on them in the Year 1. We hope you enjoy looking at our page for information and photos to highlight our exciting year!

What we will be learning…with top learning tips

Reading…common exception words… sometimes we find these tricky words that don’t follow our normal decoding rules and we need to learn to recognise these by sight

Learning Top Tip – once you spot a common exception word, look through the book and see how many times you can find it. Can you think of a way to remember it? Where else have you seen it before? We send home 2-3 common exception words each week as part of the spelling home learning, but a full list can be found on the Y1 page of BPS website.

Writing… what makes a sentence?

Learning Top Tip – remember every sentence needs a noun and a verb. It also needs a capital letter to start the sentence and a full stop to finish it off before you can start another. If you look at your reading book, can you count how many sentences there are on each page? Do they all have a verb, a noun, a capital letter and a full stop?

Maths… reading and writing numbers to 20

Learning Top Tip – remember the first digit in a two digit number tells you how many 10’s there
are and the second digit tells you how many 1’s there are. Can you practise writing the numbers 10-30?

Phonics… revisiting Phase 3 digraphs.

Learning Top Tip – remember that a digraph is when two letters make one sound. When you come across one in a word don’t sound out each letter separately a-i but rather say it as –ai-. There are lots of resources you can use to help you practise such as the sound mat on our page of the website. If you practise one or two new ones each week you’ll know at least 10 more by Christmas!

Science – observing seasonal changes, including keeping a weather log /Animals -focusing on Reptiles

Art – use materials creatively to design and make products, look at other artists for inspiration

DT – Christmas tree decorations (design, make, evaluate process)

Geography – using maps, atlases and globes – looking at symbols and key physical/human features. Continent study – Asia

History – changes over the last century e.g. washing, homes, jobs, role of women (looking at Joan Bauchamp Proctor)

RE – Christianity (Advent, Christmas)

PSHCE – ‘Celebrating Difference’

PE – indoor dance / outdoor ball skills and team games

Music – exploring rhythm

Computing – beginning to program a sequence (Beebots)

To find out all about what we will be learning about this half term, and all about school life, please open our current Year 1 learning letter.


All homework is set on Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.

Each week the children are expected to complete either an English, maths or topic learning activity. As well as these set pieces, your child should read regularly and get an adult to sign their reading record book. Remember, if a child reads four times at home and it is noted in their reading diary they will get a RIF sticker.

Spellings are sent home each week. We expect the children to practise as many of the words as possible, however the quiz will include 6 randomly selected words from the list. The children are given a spelling quiz on a Thursday and encouraged to use their sounds learnt in their writing. Spellings are also stuck in the children’s reading diaries so that they can be referred back to at any point.

General information

Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. We advise kits to be in school throughout the week as classes have PE on different days throughout the week. Please include joggers and a sweatshirt for outdoor PE.

We do PE on: Monday (outdoor weather permitting) and Friday (indoor)

Please let the school and the teacher know if your child has any allergies (that we do not already know about) or needs to take any medication.

Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months.

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