Big Bob shared some of his seed collection with us... including cress, the love heart seed and the largest seed in the world... the coco de mere! #FriFav

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Time to tweet! The children had an egg-citing afternoon getting creative. Check out these egg-cellent Easter cards.


Coding in Year 3 this morning. Using our position and direction skills. Does the Bee-Bot turn a quarter turn clockwise? Does it turn 90 degrees anti-clockwise? One child wrote their code in arrows.

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So #proud of the children at BPS. Look at those times - 0.50 being the quickest. We have year 3,4,5 and 6 children as #RockHeroes @TTRockStars @bps_y3 @bps_y4 @bps_Y5 @mr_g_DHT Some of these children used to take over 5 seconds and now they're under 1 second.


One of the children was away this week when we were learning about volume, so Evie was her 1:1 teacher this afternoon #studentteacher

Ryan is one of our speediest players on TTRockstars. It’s amazing to watch!
#speedyfingers #ttrockstars #rockhero

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