Harvest Boxes

The whole community responded amazingly today with a massive range of Harvest goodies.

Children and families poured into the hall throughout the morning to present their wonderful offerings. 

The hall steps were filled with autumn colours as tins, packets and fresh produce filled the colourful boxes.

We want to say thank you so much to everyone who contributed today whether you grew it yourself, picked something from a family garden or allotment, made it, cleared your cupboard, or bought it especially for us today. Thank you also to Morrisons who kindly donated a whole box of goodies to add to the display. 

Rev Peter Stone led the children in a superb Harvest Celebration and helped us all to remember how important this time of year is here in the UK and around the world.

The children sang their two of their favourite Harvest songs raising the roof on the large school hall.

All of this wonderful produce will go to into the Bridport community via the brilliant Cupboard Love throughout the coming weeks. It is so heart-warming to see such kindness from our school community. We know many families will benefit from their generosity today.

Drawing of a teacher and children

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