KS1 Football Club

Thanks to additional Sports and PE funding that the school received this year, Bridport Primary invested a part of the money to fund a Key Stage 1 football club. 30 children, both boys and girls of all abilities were given 4 weeks of top football coaching from Lee Cuff and the Footie for Dorset team.

Listening skills, teamwork, ball control and a number of other disciplines were all part of the course which culminated in a skills tournament with medals handed out to all competitors and also ‘Player of the Series’ awards. Above all, the children had great fun learning these important life skills.

Speaking to the children, they thoroughly enjoyed the challenges which were set and found that their football skills and team ethic really improved. BPS looks forward to having the Kenway Cup stars of the future!

Once again, thanks to Lee Cuff and his team for providing such a great opportunity for the younger children in the school. We look forward to having them back very soon.


Drawing of a teacher and children

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