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Kenway Cup 2018 Team

Bridport Primary have won the Kenway Cup four times and have managed to win the cup again for 2016. Can they win it again for 2018!

Results for the 2018 Kenway Cup:

Bridport Primary v Symonsbury 2-2
Bridport Primary v St Catherine's  

B.P.S vs Symondsbury Kenway Cup match report

On Monday 19th November it was the first match of the Kenway cup for Bridport Primary, who played Symondsbury. It ended in an exciting 2-2 draw.

The first half

The first half was quite eventful and Arturo made some very good saves. Ryan joined the team and scored nearly as soon as he came on with an amazing low driven shot in the bottom corner. That lead didn't last that long though when Symondsbury equalised with a lucky goal that slipped underneath Arturo's arm. It was a bit disappointing but the team's spirits stayed high.

The second half

At the start of the second half Symondsbury nearly pulled ahead but Arturo made a brilliant save, diving down to the ball. Alfie also had a shot which rebounded off
Symondsbury's keeper before Ryan took a shot and scored a second for BPS. A far out goal from Symondsbury left the final score at 2-2.

After the match

At the end of the match everybody was a bit disheartened it was a draw, but felt it was a was a good first game in the Kenway cup.



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