Debate Club

Way back in September at our community day pupils and staff decided we really wanted to 'get into' debating.

We love a good discussion here and children are always keen to share an opinion or two.

So since this event we have met weekly with a small group of year 5 and 6 pupils to challenge ourselves and our world views.

We have debated around autism, the European Union, what it means to be 'normal', friendship, uniform, keeping pets and so much more...

The balloon debates have been great fun and our favourite session yet was held outside in the newly formed 'hidden pathway' as you can see in the pictures.

Our big challenge this summer is to prepare for and enter a team in the brand new Primary Youth Speaks competition in June - wish us luck!

Mrs Brown, Mr Powell and Mr Lawrence (2 governor helpers and keen debaters)


Drawing of a teacher and children

St Andrew's Road


Headteacher: Mrs. Helen Farmer
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