Friends of Bridport Primary School

The Friends of Bridport Primary School is a group of parents and teachers which organises events and activities to raise money for the school. This helps to pay for things that are not funded from other sources.

In the past we have contributed to the purchase of first Aid course for year 6, trip to Poole Harbour Challenge, playground equipment, the outdoor classroom, waterproof clothing, science and drama workshop, leavers ceremony, PA System, sensory room, PAL's bibs, t-shirts for the school choir, new indoor gym apparatus, trip to the Lyric Theatre Christmas show, travelling pantomime, and a working history workshop.

This year the Friends are donating money for Poole Harbour Challenge, Christmas parties, Book Week events, library furniture, Year Group contributions, iPads, travelling pantomime, travel costs for trips, PALS equipment and a maths learning day.

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For 2016-2017 The Friends have raised money from:-

Bring and Buy Sale - £50.50 School Disco 2017- £359
Bags for Schools November 2017 collection - £80 Firework Cake Stall 2017-2018 - £503.75
Summer Fair 2017 - £1,888 New to you stall 2016-17 - £106.78
Christmas Fair 2017 - £2,079 Easter Egg Hunt 2017 - £412.85
Cake Stalls for 2017/2018 - £114.80  

Cake Stalls totals

  2017/2018 2016/2017
Year 6 £74.60 £82.75
Year 5 £40.20 £69.96
Year 4 £44.00 £93.50
Year 3 £88.55 £64.70
Year 2 £75.20 £96.85
Year 1 £63.20 £105.15


Total £503.75 £577.61


Some ideas that we are planning for 2017/2018 include:-

Christmas Fair, Summer fete, Easter egg hunt, school disco, bags for schools collection, hot chocolate stall at Bridport Leisure Centre Firework night 4th November 2017, bingo and cake stalls.

We aim to have fun and to foster a spirit of community amongst our members and those who attend the events, which include Christmas and Summer fairs, an Easter egg hunt, sponsored activities and regular cake stalls.

Joining the Friends is a great way to meet new people and to contribute to the life of your children’s school.

If you would like to help us, please give your details to the school office staff who will arrange for one of the Friends to contact you.

Forthcoming events’:

Summer Fair Friday 22nd June 2018 From 6pm to 8pm at BPS

Hot Chocolate Stall - Nov 2017

Big thanks to Jacky, Jewels, Sam, Anna, Emma for manning the hot chocolate stand at the Roundtable Fireworks event this year raising a sweet £255. Huge thanks also to Kate AS, Kate B, Alison, Lisa, Samantha, Louise, Julia and those that dropped off cakes anonymously both before and at the event and Mel for the loan of the urn. Thanks too to everyone who came to the stall on the night and our supporters Clipper, Morrisons, Co-op and Longs.

Summer Fair - June 2018

This year’s fair was a great success raising an impressive £1,500 . The weather was pefect for the fair and it was lovely to see so many people at the fair. This year there was singing by the school choir, beat the goalie, books, toys and much more.

The Friends would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped make the fair a great success and to all those that donated raffle prizes.








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