Online Safety at Bridport Primary School

Online Safety today is becoming more important in not just children’s but adult’s daily lives.  Therefore, at Bridport Primary School we aim to not just educate the children, but the staff, parents and carers as well.

Setting parental controls on any gadgets that your children have is really important, please click on the link to view some handy tips on how to set these up: How to set up Parental Controls.

There is also another very good document called Cyber Bullying - Advice for Young Children produced by Kidscape. It details how to prevent cyber bullying by giving points to follow before hitting send. The cyber world is a real world with real consequences, so it is important to always think before you post.

Each year the children have a talk by the Safe Schools Communities Team - SSCT (Educational branch of community police) to update them about the importance of Online Safety. This year the SSCT are aiming their sessions at just years 2 and 6. The next sessions are arranged for Thursday 14th February 2019. Click here to see the latest SSCT Newsletters.

During the spring and summer terms the Digital Leaders will be presenting to KS1 a slide show about Smartie the Penguin. The story covers: Pop ups and in app purchasing, inappropriate websites for older children and cyberbullying.

This year the Digital Leaders performed an assembly on how to stay safe on-line. Click here to listen to the song they sang (its very catchy).

Vodafone have also published a series of very informative Digital Parenting Magazines - Click here to see the latest issue or visit their website to view all of the magazines that they have published - Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazines.

Vodafone and Moshi Monsters have teamed up and have created a series of six free 'Web Super Skills' cards. The cards feature tips for staying safe online, in the form of activities that the children can learn from and enjoy. If you would like to download them and help your child to stay safe online, please click on the link below:

Click here to view the Moshi Monsters - Web Super Skills cards


TIkTok - Parents Guide

TikTop is a social media app that gives users the opportunity to share 60 second short videos with friends, family or the entire world. Videos shared range from funny sketches to lip-sync videos featuring special effects. . Click on the link below to learn more about TIkTok and how to keep your children safe when using the app.

TIkTok - Parents Guide


Are your children playing Pokemon Go? Below are some useful links giving parents some guidance and highlighting the risks.

Pokemon Go Guidance

Pokemon Go - the new craze


Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that is popular with teens and now younger children too. People on Instagram can connect with one another through comments, captions and hashtags on photos and videos.  Your child should be 13 to use Instagram, but children younger than this are now using it.  Children younger than 13 may need some guidance on how to stay save when using Instagram and the UK Safer Internet Centre have created a web page which includes useful advice for parents about Instagram - 

Click here to view the Instagram checklist.

The UK Safer Internet Centre have also teamed up with Connect Safely who have created a Parent’s Guide to Instagram – Click here to view it and teach your children to stay safe online and help them to create a healthy digital footprint.


Snapchat, a media-sharing and chat app, which is all about spontaneity. Children should be 13 to use Snapchat. The text, photos and videos sent will disappear seconds after they're viewed. The person sending gets to decide how long their friends have to view the media sent which can be between 1 and 10 seconds.

Though there's nothing inherently dangerous about Snapchat, children must to be careful that they do not send inappropriate photos which can then be captured by the device and saved. Therefore, it just never hurts to have a conversation with them about how they use Snapchat and to stay safe. For more information about Snapchat go to

Click here to view the Snapchat checklist.

The UK Safer Internet Centre have also teamed up with Connect Safely who have created a Parent’s Guide to Snapchat – Click here to view it and teach your children to stay safe online and help them to create a healthy digital footprint.


Twitter is a social networking and microblogging site where users post 'tweets' that are 140 characters long and can include images or videos. The suggested minimum age is 13.

The UK Safer Internet Centre have created a web page which includes useful advice for parents about twitter -

Click here to view the Twitter checklist.


Facebook Parents Portal

Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. The minimum age to register for Facebook is 13.

The UK Safer Internet Centre have created a web page which includes useful advice for parents about twitter -

Facebook also have a Parents Portal which contains some good advice for parents -

Click here to view the Facebook checklist.

5 Steps to a Safer ooVoo

ooVoo is a video chat and messaging app, which allows up to 12 people to connect for free. Think Skype or Facetime but with 12 people communicating at the same time. Designed for over 13’s, it promises users the highest quality video calls. Here are 5 Steps to a Safer ooVoo:

5 Steps to a safer ooVoo


YouTube Top Tips

There is no denying it children love YouTube. They can spend hours searching and watching their favourite videos, researching a school topic or creating their own videos and uploading them to share with family and friends. Unfortunately, not everything on YouTube is child friendly, and young people can come across some very inappropriate content including violence, sexual videos, bad language and even bullying and trolls. Here are some top tips for parents to help make YouTube that bit safer.

YouTube Top Tips

Social Media Guidance

Click on the link below to read about the practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media.

Social Media Guidance


New (ISH) apps and what they do

Click on the link below to see details about some apps that your children may be using. You can read about what the app does and the potential risks.

New (ISH) apps and what they do

3 apps parents should know about

Parent Zone have produced an informative document about 3 New Apps that Parents show know about.

3 apps parents should know about

There are some specific Online Safety websites that are recommended for use these are:

Think You Know

Report online abuse

Created by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), the website has the latest information on the sites we like to visit, mobiles and new technology and tell you what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it.  There is also a link (see left) to report on-line abuse if they feel uncomfortable or worried about someone they are chatting to online.

ChildNet International

Childnet International is for children, teachers and parents.  Helping children to stay safe online, provide resources for teachers and professionals to help safeguard their workplace and gives advice to parents and carers to help support their children in the safe and responsible use of the internet.


Teaches children about the internet and being a smart surfer. Also provides resources for people who work with children and have children themselves.

Get Safe Online

Offers expert, up-to-the-minute advice to parents trying to stay switched-on to their children’s online safety.

NSPCC - social network guides


Together the NSPCC and O2 have created some excellent guides to the social networks your children may use, take a look and stay up to date and keep your child safe in today's digital world.
PEGI Game Rating Information

Do you know what the age ratings mean on games? The PEGI labels appear on front and back of the game packaging indicating one of the following age levels: 3, 7, 12, 16 and 18. They provide a reliable indication of the suitability of the game content in terms of protection of minors. Click here to learn about PEGI.

Bridport Primary use an online solution from the Southwest Grid for Learning (SWGfL) which provides the school with an internet filtering system that stops inappropriate content being displayed to the children.

The school also use the SWGfL 360 Degree Safe an award winning online self-review tool.  This helps the school to review their online policy and practice.

Online Committee

The school have set up an Online committee.  The committee are involved in the following:

  • Help develop the current online policy and review it annually.
  • To monitor the delivery and impact of the online policy.
  • Help with organising Internet Safety Day.
  • To keep up to date with new developments in the area of online.
  • To check Online incidents are handled appropriately.
  • To ensure that the whole school community are up to date with information, training and/or developments in the area of Online.

Click here to read the minutes from the Online Committee meeting

If you would like to be involved in this committee, please contact the school office.

Digital Leaders Group


Digital Leaders

The school have also set up a Digital Leaders Group. The group consists of some Year 5 and 6 pupils. This year they are going to be involved in some of the following:

  • Organise an Online Safety Poster competition to the school
  • Help present to EYFS and Year 2 the Smartie the Penguin powerpoint story
  • Creating a film for the Childnet Film Competition
  • Create an online safety leaflet to go home to parents - Click here to view Issue 1
  • Filming shows and other events.
  • Help with the parents drop in session.

Katherine Wellman
Online Safety Champion




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