WorldFest Week

One of our school values is DIVERSITY and this week we collaborated across the school to explore festivals around the world and those that are also celebrated here in the UK.  With a hugely creative and artistic flavour the week allowed all of us to reflect on our Fundamental British Values, our brilliant differences and the view we have of others in our world community.

Reception pupils focused on a festival very close to home with the Bridport Hat Festival taking centre stage, Year one looked at the Queen's birthday whilst Year 2 celebrated Chinese New Year. Year 4 went on a colour run with Holi; Year 3 researched the Thai festival of Songkran and ended up with a HUGE water battle in the playground. Year 5 went to South America to represent Mardi Gras culminating the week in a samba band parade; Year 6 learnt all about Bastille Day creating the most spectacular Eifel Tower. 

All of the children's work is on display in our Gateway to the World corridor at school.


Weeks like this allow us to come together as a whole school community and celebrate the talent, unique qualities and diversity of our school. We welcomed hundreds of families to the open afternoon to end the week. Families sampled food prepared by pupils, experienced the live music and took in the stunning displays on show.

It is weeks like this that remind us all what a fabulous world we live in and what school life is all about!

Debbie Brown (Headteacher)



Drawing of a teacher and children

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