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What we will be learning…

Writing ... historical stories and writing to discuss or persuade
After completing their work on writing their own story set in Roman Times, the children will explore 2 other purposes of writing. They will look at writing to discuss an idea, as well as writing to persuade the reader. We are focusing on all chidren making sure that they start a sentence with a capital letter and finish with a full stop!!
Top tip – Learn the ‘root’ word so that you only then need to add a suffix or prefix correctly to spell it accurately.

Children must remember to bring their Reading Records and school reading book in every day. The expectation is that they read to an adult at least 4 times a week. There are times in the afternoon when we have time for free reading; in this time children can bring in newspapers, magazines or anything else they enjoy reading once they have spend some time on their reading scheme book..
Learning Top Tip Find authors who have written a series of books, so that you know ones you can go onto because you enjoyed the earlier novels in the series.

This half term we have started off by looking at negative numbers, division and factors. We will go on to explore fractions and decimals later in the half term with some shape work before Christmas.
Keep plugging away at Rock Stars Times Tables!!
Learning Top Tip –Work back from 1Ox’s to find 8x’s or 9x’s more quickly.

GRAMMAR – the expectations, which children need to know and be able to apply in their writing and reading are:
determiner, pronoun, the possessive apostrophe, fronted adverbials  and inverted commas.
Learning Top Tip –Remember to put punctuation before the closing inverted commas when writing speech. Keep the sheep in the pen!

Science – our topic this half term will be ‘Animals including humans. We explore food chains and how  the digestive system works. We will have two ‘Science days’ before Christmas.

Art – we will continue to make props and artwork for the Roman Day.

History – On Wednesday 10th December we would love the children to come to school dressed as a Roman. They will spend the day being Roman and carrying out fun activities.

PE – we will continue with Golf and Badminton on Tuesday and Wednesday. Kit must be in school on both these days.

ICT –We have been using ICT as a research tool and will be using it to look deeply into safeguarding children and internet safety.

Jigsaw (PSHCE) – ‘Celebrating Difference’ is our topic this term. The children will look at similarities and differences between one and other. They will then go on to look for positive solutions to solving friendship problems they may encounter which will link the  Anti – Bullying Week message this year which is ‘Respect’.

Our ‘Edge ‘Project will be based around the skill of Communication, and the children will be working with Year 1 developing their reading skills as well as enhancing their spoken language skills.


Year 4 have been using Twitter to tell the world what they have been up to. Click on the link below to see their Tweets:

Latest Year 4  Newsletter

To find out all about what we will be learning about this half term, and all about school life, please open our current Year 4 learning letter.


All homework is set on Thursday and due in the following Tuesday. Each week the children are expected to complete the English and maths learning activity. As well as these set pieces, your child should read regularly and get an adult to sign their reading record book.

Spellings are set on a Friday and are linked to the spelling pattern we have been focussing on throughout the week in our Read, Write, Inc sessions. Spellings are assessed through teacher marking in your child’s writing.

Times tables learning – children have the opportunity every week to achieve a bronze, silver or gold star in their target times tables. Times tables practise is included in your child’s home learning every week and they are encouraged to practise them regularly. Times tables knowledge is a crucial key skill that underpins many aspects of maths and makes a huge difference to a child’s mathematical learning.

General information

Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. Please include joggers and a sweatshirt for outdoor PE.

Outdoor P.E is currently on a Wednesday afternoon and indoor P.E is on a Wednesday.

Please let the school and the teacher know if your child has any allergies (that we do not already know about) or needs to take any medication.

Remember that your child will need to bring a piece of fruit to school if they wish to have it at break time as fruit is not supplied in Key Stage 2. (Please no fruit or snack bars)
Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months. 


The BBC bitesize website has teaching, activities and quizzes that will support you in your learning: 

BBC Bitesize

The Top Marks website has fun spelling and grammar activities.

Top Marks Website

Woodlands Junior School has many useful links to different subjects to support you in your learning:

Woodlands Resources

Click on the link below to view the Punctuation and Grammar Glossary

Punctuation and grammar glossary

If you have a grammar question or want to look for an example - check this fantastic website out:

These short video clips clearly shows you how to pronounce the sounds your child has been learning in school.

Articulation of Phonemes

Sounds of the English Phonic Code




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