PPIPs (Parent and Pupil Improvement Partners)

Who are they and what do they do?  

The PPIPs are a group of volunteer parents and Yr 6 pupils who work closely with the headteacher to improve an area of school life.

Any issue that is raised through parent and pupil questionnaires can become the focus of a research based project that will lead to school improvement.

The first of these focus areas is 'lunchtime behaviour' - the research on this project begins in November after a process of recruitment in the first half of the Autumn term. This was an area raised by a small percentage of parents and pupils in the July questionnaire. It was felt necessary despite beahviour generally being good in our school to see why it was not yet 'good enough' for all of our families.

The new PPIPs team comprising of 8 parents (who have volunteered to help) and 4 Yr 6 pupils (who applied to be on the team) and the headteacher will be spending time on the playground at lunchtime and talking to staff who work with children every day in school. They will look at the systems in place and the organisation and discuss possible improvements; these will be shared with other parents and staff and monitored for any improvement seen.  

There will be a new project starting in September 2016.

It is hope that parents, pupils and leadership working hand in hand will continually enable us to move our school forward in a collaborative and supportive way.  


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