Playground Activity Leaders (PALS)

Who are we?

We are a team of children who have been selected by our peers because we have great communication skills, excellent organisational ability and outstanding leadership qualities, as well as lots of energy and enthusiasm.


What we do……

We work in small teams, once or twice a week, to organise games (as well as other activities) in the playground at lunchtime such as French skipping and ‘double Dutch’. We encourage the children to be as active as possible at lunchtime and reward their enthusiasm and successes with certificates in assembly. We meet once a week to talk about new ideas, organise the lunchtime activity rota and check equipment.


Our Aims….

To organise lots of different activities
To make lunchtimes energetic and enjoyable
To makes sure everyone is included
To promote co-operation
To promote positive behaviour

Anne Taylor
Co ordinator

Drawing of a teacher and children

St Andrew's Road


Headteacher: Mrs. Helen Farmer
01308 422846
Fax: 01308 458710