World War I Day

Children at Bridport Primary School have been immersed in the history of the First World War as part of a special week-long project.

The project was very successful and it gave the children an opportunity to learn about the war, particularly its impact on the local area.

Every year group had a different focus, whether it was remembering children in Bridport, refugees from Belgium who came here during the war, or the older children who were looking at propaganda and posters.

Year 6 took part in a national campaign writing letters to the Unknown Soldier launched by Stephen Fry.

They also learnt through music and drama, art, making tanks, composing First World War songs and written poetry.

The children also looked into the life Thomas David Colfox who died in the war, aged 19.

Bridport Round Table donated £1,000 for artist Darrell Wakelam to create a piece of art to commemorate fallen soldiers.

BBC Spotlight featured a programme on WWI which featured pupils from Bridport Primary School. See below to watch the programme.

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They now know what life was like in the trenches and the children wrote their own version of ‘It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary’.

School governor David Powell came in with a melodeon which belonged to his wife’s grandfather which he swapped with a German soldier at the end of war at a train station.

Drawing of a teacher and children

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