The Royal Albert Hall- Friday 3rd May

First of all, we made the trip to London mostly by having a long conversation to our friends or eating sweets which is fun (if you brought sweets!) The coach must have taken just over 3 hours and thank goodness that the people who had travel sickness had a tablet or it would have been a whole different story…

When we arrived in London I think most of us were glad to get some fresh air, but the Royal Albert hall was the biggest building I had ever seen in my whole life!!

We went inside and when we saw how many seats there was I think most of us reached for an extra pair of underwear! But there were around 2,000 people there ready to sing so I wasn’t scared but I wasn’t so sure about the others…

The practice went on for ever and we rehearsed all the songs, I think the other members were all starting to doze off before the woman said we could go and have our dinner(finally after around 7 hours!).

When we had finally eaten our dinner we came back to around 4,000 people all stood in the stands. Whilst we were singing my legs were aching like mad and I looked at Tia who was stood next to me, then noticed there were around 2,000 people stood around singing as well and thought that they must be tired as well.

After all the labour we finally hopped back on the coach and set off home; it took us another 3hours to get back (oh goody!). That was probably the best experience of our lives … singing in the Royal Albert hall!!!.

By Melissa



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