Maths Day

In April we had an exciting whole school maths day. Every child across the school worked with a range of different teachers on fun and enriching maths activities.

In Year R and 1 we measured the surface area of animals from the 'actual size' book. It had children working together using carpet tiles to measure the area the animals would cover.  The children also used themselves and found out how many small children we could fit inside a great white shark!
Year 4, 5 and 6 had a mystery to solve: Mrs Brown was “murdered” by one of her staff and the children had to crack the code to reveal the murderer!

The children in years 4,5 and 6 also enjoyed using Fibonacci's sequence as the basis for art. They explored the pattern these numbers form and how many shapes in nature are made up of them. The spirals these numbers created were then changed into all manner of images: a cat's tail, snail shells and flowers. Some children's images became so large they ended up drawing with chalk on the playground!

We were also extremely lucky to have visits from members of our wider school community: several parents came in to talk to the children about how they use maths in their jobs every day. Overall it was a fantastic, enriching day that was enjoyed by everyone at BPS.



Drawing of a teacher and children

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