Jurassic Coast Week - July 2015

The Jurassic Coast is a 95 mile stretch of stunning natural landscape. From jagged uneven rocks to golden sandy beaches, it is a natural scenic beauty. It was this that inspired Bridport Primary School to undertake a creative week of learning and exploring about this world heritage site!

Each year from reception to year 6 were doing a different part of this magnificent coastline. Buckle up, as our journey is about to begin!...

 So we start at what our reception classes enjoyed learning about, the charming west bay.

Jurassic Coast 1

Next in our journey of the Jurassic coast is year 1's "A touch of Beer and Seaton!"


Agonizing ammonites! What a brilliant project! Anyway, next is year3!

They were learning about Lyme Regis, and the fascinating Mary Anning! Brilliant stuff!!

Now to year 4.They were doing “Old Harry Rocks”, those lucky things!!

Now we have year 5, who were doing Chesil beach and Portland!! Gosh, look at those models! Ooh, the detail in them is extraordinary!!

Now finally we have (drum roll please!..) YEAR 6, who were doing “Lovely Ladram Bay!”                                        

So we have come to the end of our travels of the wonderful Jurassic Coast. We hope you have enjoyed the ride. Thanks for coming!!!

By Eddie and Frankie, year 5 BPS!
Drawing of a teacher and children

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