Year 6 - Harbour Challenge Poole Visit - Sept 2016

The Harbour Challenge Outdoor Activity Centre in Poole provided a great day out for year 6. There were 4 activities: kayaking, orienteering, archery and climbing. All the activities were really exciting and brilliant fun!

Our first challenge for kayaking was to stand up in our kayak which was funny as several of us fell in; we loved it. In orienteering we had a mystery word hunt and then we had to find objects beginning with every letter in the alphabet- this was quite challenging but we used our team building skills effectively to help us solve the clues.

In archery we had to shoot the targets- many of us managed to hit the' bulls eye' and some children even managed to pop the balloons! The final activity we got to try was climbing; we had to put our resilience and reasoning skills to the test to help us climb as high as possible. Some of us actually managed to climb to the top of the wall!


Drawing of a teacher and children

St Andrew's Road


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