Year 3 Rivers Project

21st April 2016

Over the next 3 weeks we would like children to complete a mini project on our rivers topic. During the topic we learn about many aspects of rivers including how they are formed, how they change the landscape, the different parts of a river between the source and the mouth and what rivers are used for. Children have also looked at well-known rivers around the world as well as our local rivers. We have discussed the project with the children and some of the ideas they have thought of include:

  • Creating a fact file about one of the great rivers of the world e.g. The Nile, the Mississippi, The Yangtze etc.
  • Making a 3D model of a river and labelling the different parts.
  • A study of one of our local rivers and what it has been used for past and present.
  • Find out about the wildlife that live in and around rivers.
  • Draw pictures or diagrams of different parts of rivers and write about them e.g. waterfalls, ox bow lakes, the source, the mouth, meanders.

We want children to enjoy these projects and complete them as independently as possible but some help and support would be appreciated to guide them. Project work is often more enjoyable if children’s interests are reflected in them. If they enjoy creating and building things they may prefer to make a model, maybe they love animals and would enjoy finding out about river wildlife etc.

For more ideas on project work take a look at the year 4, 5 and 6 pages on the school website and click on ‘home learning’.
Also, you may find these website links below helpful.!river-facts/cfvg

We expect children to spend no longer than 30 -40 minutes on the project each week however, if it captures their imagination and they are enjoying it, they are welcome to spend longer. If you would like any further help or resources please pop in and speak to us.

We would like the projects in school by Tuesday 17th May when they will be displayed in the Learning Hub. There will be an open classroom on Thursday 26th May to view the projects.

Many thanks

Year 3 team.






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