Year 3 - Visit to New Barn Farm - Dorchester

Year 3 had an amazing day at New Barn Farm and were well looked after by the on-site team. The eerie weather that day, with the red sky, set the mood as we went back in time to the Stone Age to Iron Age period. The children enjoyed using plants for medical needs, grinding grains with quern stones to make flour and carving stones. It was quite an experience to sit in the round house and discover how families lived so differently than we do today.

The children learnt about making colours using nature and then experimenting with the paints.

With no hospitals or NHS, the children tried making their own remedies for healing cuts using plantain leaves that we foraged for.

The children used different ways to practise grinding grains to make flour. Which do you think would produce the best flour?

Time for some chalk carving…

In the afternoon, it was time to get around the fire to find out more about the lifestyles of these people.



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