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Welcome to Year 1

We had a fantastic start to the year settling into new routines and learning how to be more independent. The children have been amazing; showing their key learning skills from Reception and building on them in the Year 1. We hope you enjoy looking at our page for information and photos to highlight our exciting year!

What we will be learning…with top learning tips

Reading...Decoding words…we must try and recognise the letters and remember the sounds they make.

Learning Top Tip – be careful as you pronounce each sound. Often we put an ‘u’ sound after a consonant e.g. ‘t’ is pronounced ‘t-u’. If unsure, check out the Oxford Owl Phonics Pronunciation video. (linked on Year 1 page on our website) This aids easier blending of the sounds to make whole words.

Writing...getting ready… Try and remember to take your time to help you form your letters carefully.

Learning Top Tip – we are practising sitting with our back against the chair back, sitting up tall and pinching our pencils. This will make writing easier!

Maths...recognising and ordering numbers, using the language more or less

Learning Top Tip – why not practise counting at home or out and about; there are plenty of things to count! If you took one away, what would you get? How about if you find one more?

Phonics... revisiting letter sounds

Learning Top Tip – while you are reading, why not become a Sound Spotter… can you spot an ‘sh’ as in shell? Did you see that ‘j’ as in jelly? Sounds are everywhere… you could even try spotting sounds you know on shop signs or number plates!
Science – observing seasonal changes, including keeping a weather log /
everyday materials, including beginning to describe and discuss uses and basic properties of a variety of materials

Art – collage and materials

DT – building structures including settlements, forts and castles

Geography – map skills including bird’s eye view ad symbols/ locating Europe

History – castles and settlements / The Great Fire of London

PSHCE – ‘Being Me in My World’

PE – Indoor Wednesday: basketball / outdoor Tuesday: ball skills & team work

Music – understanding tempo / performance skills

Latest Year 1 Newsletter

To find out all about what we will be learning about this half term, and all about school life, please open our current Year 1 learning letter.


All homework is set on Thursday and due in the following Tuesday.

Each week the children are expected to complete either an English, maths or topic learning activity. As well as these set pieces, your child should read regularly and get an adult to sign their reading record book. Remember, if a child reads four times at home and it is noted in their reading diary they will get a RIF sticker.

Spellings are sent home each week. We expect the children to practise as many of the words as possible, however the quiz will include 6 randomly selected words from the list. The children are given a spelling quiz on a Thursday and encouraged to use their sounds learnt in their writing. Spellings are also stuck in the children’s reading diaries so that they can be referred back to at any point.

General information

Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. We advise kits to be in school throughout the week as classes have PE on different days throughout the week. Please include joggers and a sweatshirt for outdoor PE.

We do PE on: Monday (outdoor weather permitting) and Friday (indoor)

Please let the school and the teacher know if your child has any allergies (that we do not already know about) or needs to take any medication.

Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months.                         

logo Reading / Writing / Phonics
Squeeble Spelling App The Squeebles App is brilliant for spellings and is available on for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

These short video clips clearly shows you how to pronounce the sounds your child has been learning in school.

Articulation of Phonemes

Sounds of the English Phonic Code

Letters and Sounds Website

Phonics Play Website

Oxford Owl Website

BBC Bitesize Literacy KS1

Literacy Games

BBC Words and Pictures Games

Starfall learn to read website

Phonics Games

Top Marks Letters and Sounds Games

Learn to Read with Cbeebies

Teach your monster to read

If you have a grammar question or want to look for an example - check this fantastic website out:

Hands on Making Activities

Making Activities

Hands On Activities to do with our children


Maths Games

Maths Zone

Top Marks  Maths Games

Woodlands Junior School has many useful links to different subjects to support you in your learning:

Woodlands Resources

Can you recommend any good websites for your class page? Share them with your teacher!



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