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Our team comprises of Mrs Fowler (EYFS Leader), Mrs Matthews (teacher), Mrs Ramsden, Mrs Chamney and Mrs Harris.  Mrs Rumens also teaches all day on Friday's and music to the children on Wednesday’s.

What we will be learning across the curriculum…

Phonics (letters & sounds) – The children continue to practice all the sounds they have already learnt, most importantly the diagraphs (two letters making one sound, e.g. oi). Please display your basic code at home for your child to access easily to support their reading and writing. We have spare copies if yours has been misplaced.

Reading – It is the time of year when we are carrying out assessments so you may find your child has only read their book once at school during the week. Please be assured they continue to read daily in phonic sessions and also by taking part in the assessments. Tricky words is still a big focus for us as is the automatic reading of words they know. Some children continue to sound every word out when they only need to do this with unfamiliar words. Children should now be working on being able to discuss what they’ve read and give possible reasons why things happened.

Writing – The children continue to work on writing simple sentences that are clear so they can be read by other people. We are encouraging them to spell common words such as ‘the’ and ‘went’ correctly. We continue to focus on our story writing linked to the topic.

Maths – We are concentrating on developing the use of number to solve problems. For example, “there are twelve cars in the car park and four drive away, how many are left?” The children continue to practice reading and writing the numbers to 20 consistently.

Latest EYFS Newsletter

To find out all about what we will be learning about this half term, and all about school life, please open our current EYFS learning letter.

Home Learning

Home Learning ideas - Encourage independence: Encourage your child to start getting dressed by themselves or enter the classroom without you. We have WOW cheques in school to celebrate what your child does at home… anything from brushing their teeth by themselves - to challenging themselves to do something new.

READING – It is important that your child reads regularly.  Please sign their reading record book and if appropriate make a comment. Remember, if a child reads four times at home and it is noted in their reading diary they will get a RALF sticker. Please ensure your child’s reading book is in their book bag and bought to school every day.

WOW cheques - Please collect additional WOW cheques from the WOW board in your child’s class to celebrate what your child does at home… anything from brushing their teeth by themselves - to challenging themselves to do something new.

General information

  • PE is on Monday for RF, RM will now be on a Tuesday morning this will allow us additional time in the hall.
  • Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labeled to help with identification. Please ensure your child has their coloured t-shirt and shorts in school on a Monday.
  • Reading books - Please ensure your child’s reading book is in their book bag and bought to school every day.
  • Please encourage your child to be more independent and responsible when they arrive at school by saying your goodbyes outside. Learning activities now take place as soon as they arrive and it is important the children settle down to them quickly. Please encourage your child to find their picture with their name on it when they arrive in the morning. They self-register by sticking their picture onto a number on the lion.
  • Book Bags – All letters are placed inside book bags so please check them regularly. If your child does not have a book bag, letters will be placed in their tray.
  • Drinks and Fruit – Children have access to water throughout the day and fresh fruit during the morning.
  • Lunches – If your child has a packed lunch, please ensure it contains healthy options. Children having a hot lunch do not need to bring additional snacks to school. We are a nut free school. Please can we ask that the children do not bring in for their lunch any nuts, or any product containing nuts. Thank you.

  • SUN SAFETY– Please send your child to school with a sun hat, we spend a lot of time outside and we want to protect your children from the sun. Please also apply sun cream before they come to school for added protection.

Please remind your child to bring a coat every day in the winter months.


If you have a grammar question or want to look for an example - check this fantastic website out:

These short video clips clearly shows you how to pronounce the sounds your child has been learning in school.

Articulation of Phonemes

Sounds of the English Phonic Code

Great games that link to our phonics learning.

Phonics Play

Great games and programs to support all areas of learning.


An award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home and at school.

Oxford Owl

Great maths games

Top Marks

Additional maths games

ICT Games

Addition games

Arcademic Skill Builders

Lots of interesting information about a variety of subjects.

DK Find Out!

Jolly Phonics Songs

Can you recommend any good websites for your class page? Share them with your teacher!



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